The Airborne Tactical Extraction Platform (AirTEP)

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The Airborne Tactical Extraction Platform (AirTEP)

is engineered for use in harsh conditions. Heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel components provide strength and durability. Kevlar webbing delivers maximum safety for personnel and exceptional thermal, chemical and abrasion resistance. Designed for most helicopters the AirTEP is a global solution to rescue operations in any extreme environment.

The AirTEP is ideal for insertion/extraction for up to 10 personnel; for long range rescue, hazmat scenarios, hostage rescue, personnel rescue (mountain, rooftop, mud slides, fire, flooding, etc.). The platform has the ability to accommodate 2-3 stretchers and also includes room for medical personnel to attend to the victims.


Light Weight 50 lbs. with rope •
Dimensions (folded) 4.9’ ht. X 1.3’ dia. •
Dimensions (open)) 4.9’ ht. X 9.5’ dia. •
Max. Load Capacity 3,300 lbs. •
Max. Air Speed 115 mph/100 kts. •
(fully loaded)


Temperature Range -22° F to +122° F •
Humidity 0 to 100% •
Lifetime 15+ years •
Heat Resistance to +1,601° F •


Material resistance in harsh conditions is • certified by GAM EG 13 procedures (dry and damp temperature, saline environment) andFAR 25 procedures (fire resistance